Hi, I’m Steve…

Steve Hardy

Hi, I’m Steve Hardy. Some call me Shardy. This is my personal website.

I grew up in Red Deer, went to university in Calgary, lived in beautiful Montreal for nearly 13 years, and even worked in NYC for a stint in 2011. I’m now based again in Calgary.

My career has meandered wonderfully through advertising, magazine publishing (Maisonneuve), mobile content production (Family Guy, MAXIM), consumer electronics (Cinemin), and other miscellany. If you’re interested in my resume, it’s here on LinkedIn.

I spend my workdays leading RallyEngine, the commercial spin-off (by multi-dimensional marketing agency Strut Creative) of a blossoming program for the Missing Children Society of Canada called CodeSearch. RallyEngine is a powerful and nimble way to alert groups, rally teams, and inform communities.

I’m also currently working on a book. The Herd of Cats: How Entrepreneurs, Improvisers, and Disaster Managers Approach an Uncertain World. Please sign up for updates.

Back in 2002 I started Creative Generalist – first as a blog and later as a “society” (with over 500 members worldwide). I’ve published a few pieces, and presented at conferences like Interesting, on the topic of generalism. However, I’m not so active in this anymore.

Other side-projects include Warms / Whenabouts (now defunct), NudgeMail, StandingAbout, freelance WordPress and Shopify site setup, and some random ideas I may blog about here. Eclectic curiosity!

I enjoy such hobbies as mountain biking, basketball, improv comedy, street art, travel, tasting, reading, and more. Always happy to connect with people on these and other interests.