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Redamancy (the act of loving in return) and compersion (the joy from another’s joy) are a couple words that really ought to have a higher profile in the lexicon of relationships.

While packing for my recent move, I came across an old letter – undated and written well before being shared with me a year ago – from my dear mom. It’s lovely and philosophical and wise…

In life there is a transference of an energy that transcends the physical and takes residence in the deeper and higher facet’s of one’s being. The greatest of all is the power and energy that love possesses. It will extend to all who enter into your life and to the others who become part of your life’s circle. It is important to nurture and support this fragile relationship and respect it’s existence – with dignity and trust. And in doing so you will maintain the energy of love within your being on all levels.

When there are challenges, find comfort in the existence that the source is greater than the individual(s). Accept ownership and responsibility for what you have created (positive or negative), extend the benefit of doubt, and don’t be so arrogant or prideful that you are unable to say you are sorry. Communication is forever important – to dispel any misunderstandings, to enhance your world, and to eliminate the non-productive energies such as worry.

And remember, love is like standing naked in a lightning storm – prepare to duck once in a while.

I love you, mum. Happy Mother’s Day!