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Nelson Kootenay Lake

Here’s a simple and fun idea that we ran with at Strut recently in the days leading up to Easter. We surveyed the office for everyone’s favourite TV shows, whittled that down to 12, and then our awesome Design team set to work on stylizing a dozen eggs around those themes. This is the splendid result…

Strut Easter Eggs Poster

How many did you guess right?

Starting at Strut

February 7, 2015 — Leave a comment

Strut Creative - Steve Hardy

I’m pleased to announce that earlier this week I joined the team at Strut Creative in Calgary as an Account Planner.

It was Strut that developed RallyEngine, the innovative mobile internal/crisis communications app that I’ve been marketing for the past couple of years and will continue to help grow. It’s been a joy to work with such smart and talented people, and I’m looking forward to now being in the same physical space with them and building out an exciting new role with the mothership.

As Account Planner,┬ámy focus will be to help connect-the-dots on creative strategy, represent the user/market’s perspective on campaign and product development, and flesh out a range of exciting special projects. Perfect for a creative generalist. And┬áStrut is really good at big thinking, highly integrated, blue-sky special projects.

Anyways, for my initiation I was subjected to the Strut Highly-Scientific Shockingly-Revealing Questionnaire. Here it is.