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Alberta Hyerloop

Not only does “Alberta need a transportation solution,” for all of the reasons John Stewart pointed out in his excellent editorial (Red Deer Advocate – December 29, 2015), it also needs an energy solution (apply its O&G expertise more broadly), an economy solution (put its skilled people back to work), and a reputation solution (be seen as a real innovator).

So here’s an idea – maybe a bit out there but certainly less dumb than thinking adding highway lanes is a fix or hoping politicians will finally embrace the price tag and time horizon of high-speed rail.

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Nelson Kootenay Lake

Last weekend I attended the World Domination Summit (The what, Steve? Come again.) and I’m still reeling from the experience.


WDS was started five years ago by Chris Guillebeau, the author of The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit, and blogger at The Art of Non-Conformity, where he’s chronicled his quest to visit every sovereign country on Earth (which he’s now achieved). It’s a gathering of his community in celebration of the core values of community, adventure, and service, held annually in the amazing and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

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Earlier this week I returned from a 3800km cross-Canada road trip. I’d moved to Calgary back in late January but had decided to fetch my stuff in Montreal during the summer. To make it a little bit more interesting (and cheaper), I chose to Uhaul it back DIY-style.


And it was indeed an interesting drive. I figured I’d capture some of that interestingness by snapping photos through the windshield at random intervals along the way.

When I look at the pics in my photo library, they seem kinda boring. But dropping them into an animated gif seems to show off the charm and mix of Canada’s beautiful landscape.



Passenger Airplane Container System [US Patent 64944404]

Tomorrow is US Thanksgiving, which is of course a major travel period for Americans. My news stream inevitably fills up with travel stories and, with a snow storm invading the northeast, of non-travel travel stories too.

One story that popped up is this one: Passengers Boarding Planes: We’re Doing It Wrong. If it sounds familiar, it is. It’s a story that’s been recycled numerous times, bemoaning the sorry disarray of aircraft boarding at airports. All those operations people in aviation and still no improvement – despite things like the smart Steffen Method – in how to efficiently and calmly board a couple hundred people in a tin can; something done thousands of times each day.

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